My Favourite YouTubers Pt. I – The Buttercreams

Seen that it is Monday today, it is time for another favourites! I’m so happy that I finally manage to stick to my schedule, even if it’s just for one day 😀

In today’s blogpost I’d like to introduce you some of my favourite YouTubers. People that really know me, know that I’m a huge fan of the platform and even tried becoming a YouTuber myself – and failed. Nonetheless, I still like a lot of the creators on there and today I will shortly introduce a few of them, being the Buttercreams. The Buttercream ‘Gang’ are a group of seven London based boys, each having their own channel, but as they’re close friends often collaborate with each other.

1. Jack Maynard – Uploading videos once a week (mostly), Jack entertains his audience with funny challenges with his friends, Q&A’s and pranks. After reaching one million subscribers earlier this year, he threw a major one million subscriber party in July – that I attended, as my loyal readers will know. I even got the chance to meet him. What I like most about Jack is how he makes fun of everything, but can still be serious when he has to. You can find my favourite video of his here.

2. Caspar Lee – With 7.5 million subscribers, Caspar is one of the better known YouTubers in the world. Uploading every Sunday, he entertains his audience with either a new sketch, interviews with other YouTubers or pranks on his friends. Personally, the best thing about Caspar I find that even though he seems to be serious in his videos, he barely ever is. Of course he sometimes makes videos where he actually tries to bring a message across, but most of the time it are just funny sketches to make his audience laugh. Here is my favourite Caspar video.

3. Joe Sugg – Being the oldest of the gang, Joe seems to make the more ‘realistic’ videos. On his channel ThatcherJoe he posts a video every Sunday, a Sugg Sunday Special. Joe is often called the king of pranks, and even though they often backfire on him, his ideas are so genius that it is hard to beat them. Other than pranks, he likes to do challenges with his friends or his sister, or react to things like old msn conversations or the confessions of his 8.1 million subscriber audience. This is my favourite video from Joe so far.

4. Oli White – From the oldest moving on to the youngest: posting videos twice a week Oli entertains his 2.8 million audience with loads of experiments, challenges with his family or friends, and pranks. He sometimes does some crazy experiments, but that’s what people love about him most, and then especially seeing his reaction to it. Here you can find my favourite video from Oli.

5. Josh Pieters – In my personal opinion, Josh is king of the sketches. They make me laugh every single time, simply because he makes it look like as if it were real life situations. Other than that, Josh also post challenges with his friends and pranks. With his 830k subscribers he has the second least of the group and I truly believe he deserves more recognition. I’m sure you’ll agree with me after you’ve watched my favourite video of his.

6. Mikey Pearce Another master in the sketches is Mikey. With 395k subscribers he has the least of the group, and in my opinion also deserves more recognition. Mikey started of with sketches and after a while also started to do challenges with his friends and pranks. His videos are something to look forward to every week and this one definitely is my favourite.

7. Conor Maynard – Last but definitely not least we have Conor. Conor isn’t really a YouTuber, but as he often takes part in the videos of his friends, he is part of the squad. As most of you probably know, Conor is a well-known singer. By posting new covers, sing-offs and sometimes even original songs, Conor excites his 6.2 million subscribers every time. His covers always have a personal touch to it, which makes them even more special. Here you find my favorite ever sing-off.

Conor has also started a new project with his brother, Jack. Together they make parodical songs and they are an absolute blast. They call themselves G.O.A.T and recently brought out their second single First Car. Their first single Grenade has a music video that was published on Jack’s channel and currently has 8.7 million views! Honestly, it is a masterpiece, just like the song. You can not not sing along! Take a look for yourself here 😉

And that was it for the first part of my favourite YouTubers. If you’ve never heard of them before, it is really worth to check them out. If you do, let me know what you think!

Lots of love,


The buttercream boys! Top row (from left to right): Conor – Josh – Mikey, bottom row: Oli – Jack – Joe – Caspar

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