New Year, New Resolutions

2018. We’re 15 days in and unlike the past 5 years or so, I’ve been keeping up pretty well with my New Year’s resolutions. It might also be because my resolutions are a tad bit different from other years and I seem to have found some new kind of motivation. To somehow be able to remind myself regularly of how I want to make 2018 an amazing year, I’m writing my resolutions down in this post, and hopefully they might inspire some of you too.

1. Keep losing weight – Probably the most cliché resolution ever, but yes, it is also on my list. I’ve lost about 6 kilos since I got to Germany, and even though it wasn’t in the most healthiest way – I lost them in about three weeks because I became really ill – I want to lose more. My weight has been more or less the same ever since October, but I have a certain goal and I’d like to reach it before the summer. Not to have a bikini body, but for myself, so I can finally feel confident wearing shorts or skirts.

2. Keep up with my blog regularly – This is probably one of the most challenging resolutions in this list. I’ve been really bad with posting and it genuinly makes me feel bad. University is very busy and I’m also writing my bachelor thesis this year (which has to be finished at the end of May), but I’m determined to make this work.

3. Become healthier – This and the first resolution somehow work together. To lose weight, I have to create a healthier lifestyle. I try to cook with fresh ingredients as much as possible, I try to drink more water and I walk to class every day (so four days a week, about half an hour). My attempts to fight my cravings have so far not been very successful, but I try my best by buying healthy snacks, like fruit. I hope I can keep this up, even when I’m back in Brussels in a month, where it will roughly take me 10 minutes to get to class. I guess I’ll have to find some way to practise sports!

4. Find happiness – I’m a person that tends to focus on the negative rather than the positive. It has proven to make me seriously unhappy in the past and I want that to be over. I’m going to try to focus on the little things that make me happy, like getting drinks with friends, rather than constantly wondering why I’m ugly and never had I boyfriend before. Maybe if I can find happiness myself, that I’ll radiate it and somehow become more confident, and things might change for the better.

5. Be a better friend – Sometimes I really have the feeling that I’m a lousy friend. Sometimes I have the feeling that I’m not there for my friends enough, that I cut them off, while I don’t intend to, that I’m not there for them when they need me. I want to change that.

6. Get good grades – I want to keep my GPA the way it is now, as it is quite high and I’m going to work hard to achieve that, even though I’m slacking when it comes to my thesis and revising for my exams. So if I go quiet once again on this blog, then you’ll know I’m studying for my exams, as they’re coming up next week and the week after that.

7. Become more organised – I forget things. A lot of things, sometimes very important things. My friends gifted me a weekplanner and a bullet journal for my birthday and I’m currently actively using it to become more organised. Let’s hope I can keep it up!

8. Get rid of toxic people – I care about people, sometimes a little too much. Some people are simply not worth your time, because all they do is take advantage of you or try to take you down the whole time. I’m going to try to get rid of as many of these people as I can. Sometimes that’s hard, like I can’t for example simply eliminate people from my class, but I will try my very best to not let them get to me anymore. I’ll still stay friendly with them in the hallways, but I’m not going to care anymore about what they did to me.

9. Get rid of toxic thoughts – This is part of the ‘find happiness’-plan. I have way too many negative thoughts and I have to get rid of them now. I’m going to try to overstem them with positive thoughts, like looking forward to dinner when my class isn’t going well and I’m blaming myself for it again.

10. Move my boundaries – It is about time. I’m never going to get anywhere in certain aspects of my life if I don’t shift my boundaries now. I need to take more risks, and then I’m not talking about crossing the street when the light’s still red.

11. Be myself more – I got a feeling that I’m hiding who I am sometimes. I like randomly dancing to music when I’m happy, I love and live for my favourite artists and YouTubers and sometimes I got a feeling that I’m hiding that too much. It’s okay to be a fangirl, even when you’re 20 years old, it’s okay to be happy about little things and I shouldn’t be afraid to show it.

12. Start wrting again – I’ve written quite a number of fanfictions and imagines in the past and started writing a few books as well. I’ve been passionate about writing ever since I was young. I used to write down stories in these little booklets and as soon as I learned how to work with a computer, I started typing them out. Lately I’ve barely come around writing, even though I still love it with all my heart and it still is my dream to publish a novel someday.

That’s it for my New Year’s resolutions. I hope I’ll be able to keep up with all of them, and even though this was kind of a mainstream and probably boring post, I still hope you enjoyed reading it!

I’ll see you next time.

Lots of love,

Chloë x


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